Friday, May 2, 2008

Man I'm hungover

I did it big last night.

I did it really big last night.

I just woke up from sleeping in my bed for three hours, it’s noon here. So, the other couple of hours was slept in my car, in a church parking lot.

I went out with my girlfriend Amber last night, she is the greatest. I headed to her house around 9:30 to drink. I ate Ravioli, drank well Vodka with sweet & sour, danced in reindeer antlers and played with oven mitts!

I was shitty before I even left her house. We headed down to Bar of Knoxville.

Amber is a great friend, she supports my slutty ways and doesn’t ever judge me!

I got a few drinks, from different people. I got on top of the bar with Amber and another, which I didn’t know, and danced! When a guy would ask to see my tits, I would behave like a good whore and I would show them. So, everyone in the bar seen my tits, including the owner…they LOVED em!

We had to run out to the car, we were putting our coats and phones in the car.

I probably should have pissed in the club, like “normal” girls… but I had to go right then. So, I used my Sonic(a local fast food joint) cup, and I filled it up!

My first instinct when getting sloppy, is to call Mr. Billy Watson…

I was chatting with him, when I opened the door and realized there was a nice black man sitting in the car next to me. He had his window down and looked to be waiting for someone!

I said to Billy, “there’s a black guy in this car”.

Before I even got it all out he said, “SUCK HIM!”

So, I did.

I asked the man if I could suck his black cock, and I asked Amber to take pictures. I handed my phone, with Billy on it, to this black man, and I sucked!

You can see my pink car in the background!

I didn’t suck him off, but I did suck him for a good while. I think every UT student seen me sucking it… I am okay with that~!

I had to drive home, and shouldn’t have. I made it to Amber’s house to drop her off and then made it about two miles on my own. I pulled over into a church parking lot, where I vomited up all my green drinks!

I took a nap.

I guess I didn’t completely remove the keys from the egnition…I woke up at about 7:30 and my car was dead!

I had to call “Superman” to come jump me off! It was great!

I think I may go brush my teeth.

I am headed to LA today, plane leaves at 5:51pm my time! I will be in LA by 11p their time!

This weekend is going to be full of black cock sucking and fucking!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Arriving in L.A.

I arrived last night, into LAX. I got here around 10:30, which is 1:30a for me back at home. I was alright though, usually used to either being shitty at that time or getting laid.

I had a lay over in Cincinnati, where I chatted with a few of my friends.

I called Dawn, my best friend. I told her I hadn’t showered since yesterday morning. I told her about the white cream in my pants, from who knows what!? We talked about how she enjoys pissing on things, I could relate. She thinks it’s great that I sucked an old black mans cock in the parking lot. I love her.

I talked to “Superman” too. He was heading to go eat in Knoxville. He said he thought the pictures were disgusting. I laughed. He said, he thought, with due time he could mold me. He said he wanted to make me a little more conservative. I got a little upset . So, he resorted to saying that I can only change if I want to.

I don’t want to change.

I ate McDonalds, because that is my favorite.

I read my book about serial killers. People always ask me if I am reading these books for a class. I always tell them, “No, I dropped out of school to be a pornstar.” It gets em every time!

I got to LA and had to wait for my luggage to come, there was a delay. I struck up a conversation with a man named Roc. He was a black man from North Carolina, here on vacation. He asked me if I wanted to hook up for dinner while I was here, I told him yes and that we could fuck too.

Tommy picked me and we chatted!

We went to eat at Rosco’s, where we were one of few white people. I had chicken and waffles. He told the manager that I was addicted to big cocks. I corrected him and told the man, I was a black cock whore. The manager told all the other coworkers and I just smiled. One of them said they wanted to move to Tennessee, I told him that not all the girls were whores like me. Haha

We went to Walgreens to get shit for my Va-j-j, I will be taking four loads today and want it to be peachy clean!

The pharmacist was hispanic. I told him, “I like to suck” in Spanish and “I want to fuck.”(Thats all I know how to say after two years of Spanish) He laughed and advised me to take my medicine with lots of water.

It’s now 10:38am here and I fixin’ to get in the shower. Makeup call is at noon and I need to get ready. I will write about my sex later!