Saturday, April 12, 2008

Arriving in L.A.

I arrived last night, into LAX. I got here around 10:30, which is 1:30a for me back at home. I was alright though, usually used to either being shitty at that time or getting laid.

I had a lay over in Cincinnati, where I chatted with a few of my friends.

I called Dawn, my best friend. I told her I hadn’t showered since yesterday morning. I told her about the white cream in my pants, from who knows what!? We talked about how she enjoys pissing on things, I could relate. She thinks it’s great that I sucked an old black mans cock in the parking lot. I love her.

I talked to “Superman” too. He was heading to go eat in Knoxville. He said he thought the pictures were disgusting. I laughed. He said, he thought, with due time he could mold me. He said he wanted to make me a little more conservative. I got a little upset . So, he resorted to saying that I can only change if I want to.

I don’t want to change.

I ate McDonalds, because that is my favorite.

I read my book about serial killers. People always ask me if I am reading these books for a class. I always tell them, “No, I dropped out of school to be a pornstar.” It gets em every time!

I got to LA and had to wait for my luggage to come, there was a delay. I struck up a conversation with a man named Roc. He was a black man from North Carolina, here on vacation. He asked me if I wanted to hook up for dinner while I was here, I told him yes and that we could fuck too.

Tommy picked me and we chatted!

We went to eat at Rosco’s, where we were one of few white people. I had chicken and waffles. He told the manager that I was addicted to big cocks. I corrected him and told the man, I was a black cock whore. The manager told all the other coworkers and I just smiled. One of them said they wanted to move to Tennessee, I told him that not all the girls were whores like me. Haha

We went to Walgreens to get shit for my Va-j-j, I will be taking four loads today and want it to be peachy clean!

The pharmacist was hispanic. I told him, “I like to suck” in Spanish and “I want to fuck.”(Thats all I know how to say after two years of Spanish) He laughed and advised me to take my medicine with lots of water.

It’s now 10:38am here and I fixin’ to get in the shower. Makeup call is at noon and I need to get ready. I will write about my sex later!